TS Mudslinger 11/7

Date of Birth:
Mudslinger is sired by 75.50" TTT and 93.50" TH, TS Magnificent Ken, a son of 84.8750" TTT, Concealed Weapon, and grandson of 90"+ TTT, Horseshoe J Example, and 80.8750" TTT, JP Rio Grande. Mudslinger's dam is 77" TTT and a daughter of 80"+ TTT, Mustafia EOT 10/7, and a graddaughter of Feisty Lee JR that carries the genetics of 89"+ TTT, Days Feisty Fannie (twice), and 76.6250" TTT, Overhead (twice). Lots of size, conformation, color and horn in Mudslinger's pedigree. There are 28-70's, 5-80's and 1 90's in his pedigree.
Owner Name:
Terry and Sherri Adcock
Terry and Sherri Adcock