About Us


Our goal is to produce top quality longhorns with proven genetics for producing long horn, good conformation, lots of color along with good mothering abilities in our cows. We enjoy our cows and are in the pastures with them almost daily so disposition is also a very important trait for us. We especially enjoy taking our kids, grandkids, friends, and anyone else who asks to see them, around our herd.

In the summer of 2008 we became acquainted with Mike and Debbie Bowman. After much thought we purchased our herd sire, Zargus EOT 34/6, from the Bowman's. At that time Zargus was a 2 year old Boomerang CP son out of EOT Gabrielle 428. He has since won numerous awards at the LWC and the Horn Showcase as have many of Boomerang CP's offspring. Zargus is developing into an outstanding herdsire and we are excited about having him in our program. His first calf crop hit the ground in 2009 and we are anxious to see how they grow and develop.

Not only did we purchase Zargus from Mike but he quickly became our mentor and friend. He and his ranch foreman, Don, have patiently answered our questions and taught us much about pedigrees and horn development as well as many other aspects of the business. We have also enjoyed meeting and talking with other breeder's about their programs and the longhorn breed. Many have become our friends. We are members of the TLBAA TLMA, ITLA and the WTLA (West Texas Longhorn Association).

We are living our dream of raising top quality registered Texas longhorns here on the flat plains of West Texas. We will work at and continue to put the best genetics of the longhorn breed into our program so that the animals we sell will not only enhance your program but will add value to it as well. If you just want a living, ornamental pasture ornament full of color and horn then we can help you with that too!

The welcome sign is always out here at TS Adcock Longhorns. We love to have visitors and talk about our program. Call us and let's talk Texas longhorns!