TS Asian Song

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Asian Song is a large, well conformed heifer sired by a bull we used to own that was a grandson of Tejas Star and 81" TTT, Hubbells Rio Linda. Her dam is a 70" TTT daughter of TDJ Super Hero, a Phenomenon son. Her pedigree also includes 76" TTT, Touchdown of RM, 85"+ TTT, Starlight, 75"+ TTT, Delta Vixen, 80.8750" TTT, JP Rio Grande, 81" TTT, Tari Graves FM49, among many others. Asian Song is out of one of our best producing cows who has a super nice udder with lots of milk. Millennium Futurity eligible as will be all of her future offspring.
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Terry and Sherri Adcock
Terry and Sherri Adcock
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Being exposed to TS Dillon's Creed, a son of 84"+ TTT, Dillon, who was a son of 99.25" RM Miss Kitty, and 88" TTT, Top Caliber. Dillon Creed's dam is a daughter of 85"+ TTT, Helm's Ace, and granddaughter of 88" TTT, Top Caliber. This calf will have 30- 70" TTT, 10- 80" TTT, and 1- 90" TTT in it's pedigree.

Breeding History

Breeding TypeExposed ToStart DateEnd DateFlush DateObservedNotes
Natural ServiceTS Dillon's Creed01/04/201904/01/2019  

Pregnancy Check History

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Tip to Tip45.062503/04/2019