TS Sidewinder

Date of Birth:
Sire, Cadillac 55, has 75.75" TTT and 92" TH and his dam, SHR Abigail Kelly, has 81.2105" TTT and 95.75" TH, and is a daughter of the 85" TTT ZD Kelly. He has a pedigree full of 70"+ TTT and 80"+ TTT animals. Cadillac 55 weighs in at 1,975 lbs. and Abigail Kelly at 1,200 lbs. so Sidewinder would have matured into a good sized bull with great conformation, color and lots of horn had he not died from an accident. He measured 73" TTT at 29 months .
Owner Name:
Terry and Sherri Adcock
Terry and Sherri Adcock