Date of Photo: 1/24/2016 Courtesy of TS Adcock Longhorns/ Terry and Sherri Adcock

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Cool Blue

Top CaliberCool Water 733
Date of Birth: 3/24/2010
Description: Cool Blue, a young 5 year old with 78.50" ttt and weighing 1,205 lbs., is sired by Top Caliber, 87.6250" ttt and 108" total horn, whom is one of the longest horned bulls in the breed today. Her dam is a big horned daughter of Kelo Chex. Cool Blue is correct in every way. Other great horn producers in her pedigree are 78" ttt Hunts Command Respect, Hashbrown, 75" ttt Lady Lite, 70" ttt Delta Diamond, Roundup, and Hashknife to name a few. All of her calves will be Millennium Futurity eligible.
Owner Name:Terry and Sherri Adcock
Breeder:Brett or Darcy De Lapp
Private Herd Number:324/0
Registration Number 1:tlbaa# CI275151*
Pedigree ProgenyMeasurement History